The greatest financial burden most people will face in a lifetime is building a home.  Few envision how complex the process is until they are tangled in a myriad of restrictive covenants, building codes, zoning ordinances, design options, vendor and contractor choices and so on.  So, whether you are embarking on your first home design or this process is familiar to you, it is important to find a specialist in the discipline of residential design to guide you through the design/build process.  BIM/Design Resources, Inc. has the knowledge and talent to guide you through the process, from the largest concern to the smallest detail. Working at your pace, we help guide you through the process dedicating our time and resources to clarifying every issue. We do not move to the next phase of the relationship until you say so.



Prior to our first meeting, you will want to compose a “wish list” and consider preparing a scrapbook of ideas to present to the Designer at the preliminary design meeting. BIM/Design Resources, Inc. will provide a Design Questionnaire for your aid in order to help you think through the entire process. You will also need to provide a property boundary plat with tree and topographic survey information, as well as a copy of neighborhood deed restrictions.



                During this phase, the Designer consults with the client to determine project goals and requirements determining the program or scope of the project. Under this phase, the designer will develop study drawings/sketches that illustrate the concepts of the design which can include spatial relationships, function, scale, square footages and basic form. After much consultation and discussion with the Designer this phase produces a final schematic design to which the client agrees upon. The design then moves forward to the Design Development Phase. Drawings are marked as 30% complete.

                Deliverables in this phase: hand sketches, site plan, computer floor plan, and isometric.

                Compensation during this phase: As deposit, 30% of total fee based on the computer generated square footage.



                During this phase, the Designer uses the documents created in the schematic phase and takes them one step further with the main emphasis being the form of the project. These drawings imply/suggest material types and locations, plate heights, window types and locations and door locations. The level of detail is enhanced one step further by confirming materials and locations, appliances and layout, ceiling treatments and locations and exterior style. This phase ends with a presentation to and approval by, the client. The design then moves to the final phase, Construction Document Phase. Drawings are marked as 65% complete.

                Deliverables in this phase: site plan, floor plan, sketch elevation, computer generated elevations, exterior perspectives.

                Compensation during this phase: 35% of total fee based on the computer generated square footage.



                During this phase, the documents produced and approved under the Design Development Phase are enhanced with greater detail. This phase will layout electrical, produce cabinet design, interior perspectives and detailed plans. The level of detail in drawings is greater than previous phases and to the standards required by contractor for bidding and pricing. The drawings are marked as 90% complete allowing one last set of changes to occur based on pricing. Once final changes have been made and approved the documents are marked 100% complete and results in the contractors final set.

                Deliverables: site plan, dimensional floor plan(s), electrical plan(s), roof plan, exterior elevations, exterior perspectives, interior elevations, interior perspectives, building sections and misc. details as required.

                Compensation during this phase: 35% of total fee based on the computer generated square footage and done as follows: 25% payment at 90% complete and the final 10% payment when complete and approved.


At BIM/Design Resources, Inc. responsiveness to our client’s individual needs, desires, tastes and lifestyle produces an end product of superior architectural design.  Once construction begins, we will be available to answer any questions and resolve any issue that may arise.  Our goal is to make your dream of building an excellent home come true.