BIM/Design Resources, Inc. is a full service building Design Company that has been the leader in using 3Dimensional software in Central Texas area. Established in 1996 as Dba, Design Resources and owned by Shane Jenkins, BIM/Design Resources, Inc. recognized that the current movement in architecture and is going to 3Dimensional design and modeling and has transitioned from AutoCAD to Revit. BIM/Design Resources, Inc. is one of the most recognized 3Dimensional design companies in Texas and dedicated to the creation of excellent architecture through superior design, modern technology and extensive professional service to its clients.

Shane Jenkins is an ’89 graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor in Environmental Design. As a Certified Professional Building Designer (regulated by the National Council of Building Designers), Shane adheres to the best practices and guidelines of the organization while maintaining his certification. He has over 20 years of experience in the architectural and construction industry and has worked on a multitude of building types like: homes, commercial offices, pediatric clinic, interior lease spaces, television stations and multi-purpose arenas. This wide range of experience has allowed him to understand many different types of construction methods. As an award winning designer, Shane and his team have worked with many of the areas highest quality home builders and engineers to achieve both creatively innovative and beautifully comfortable residences for his clients.

At BIM/Design Resources, Inc., we work hand in hand with our clients to provide the very best service, listening to our clients and their changing needs. Superior design is the end product of responsiveness to our client’s individual needs, desires, tastes and lifestyle. The software we use has enhanced the design process by enabling our clients to visualize the completed project prior to the moving of one piece of dirt on the construction site. We can shape and mold your ideas making your dreams come to life! No matter the size of your project, BIM/Design Resources, Inc. is committed to excellence and each home is individually designed with its future occupants in mind. Computer technology has allowed the architectural process to become extremely accurate and efficient thus maximizing value to our clients. This technology allows us to aid the client by having answered all the potential questions and problems prior to construction. The success of BIM/Design Resources, Inc. is attributed to the ability to listen to our client’s wants, needs and desires, designing a home that is comfortable warm and beautifully inviting with the ability to show our client that home design prior to construction. Our goal is to work with you in making your house a home; your dream a reality!